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All your teeth are supposed to be tightly in contact with the adjacent teeth, so that no food can stay between the teeth and you have a beautiful smile full of teeth. When there are spaces between teeth, the cosmetic value of smile is lessened and food may get stuck there. 
What are spaces between teeth? 
If these spaces have always been there, it simply means your teeth size are smaller for your jaw size. This is more common in the upper front teeth, where it is a cosmetic problem. If spaces start appearing in your lower front or back teeth causing food lodgement, you need a dental check-up for bone loss associated with gum problems. The gums that fill the space between the teeth are moving away from the teeth causing the spaces. 
Why do I have spaces between my teeth? 
For natural spacings in healthy teeth, wires and braces can be used to push the teeth closer together and cover up the spaces. The alternative, for those unwilling to undergo the long treatment, is dental laminates or veneers to close the spaces. If the spaces are appearing due to gum problems, gum treatments are in order. While the gum treatments per se may not close the spaces, they will prevent further aggravation of the problem and make the spaces cleansable. 
What is the solution? 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

  1. Why have spaces recently started appearing between my upper front teeth that were not there as a child? - Upper front teeth flaring out with spaces between them is a sign of advanced gum disease. Gum disease weakens the bone support of the teeth and the lower front teeth and your tongue push the upper teeth out. 
  2. My child has spaces between his milk teeth. Does it mean there will be spaces in his adult teeth as well? - Spaces between milk teeth are normal and desirable, as adult teeth are going to be bigger than milk teeth. If there are no spaces in milk teeth, there are high chances your child's permanent teeth will be crooked.  
  3. Why has my dentist advised a minor surgery for the space between my upper front two teeth? - When you run your tongue over and above the gums of the upper front teeth, you will find a soft attachment between the upper lip and the gums. This attachment, called frenum, is often the cause of spacing between the upper front two teeth if it is close to the teeth. To correct the spacing in this case with wires and braces, the attachment has to be surgically repositioned to its correct place away from the teeth. It is a very safe and painless procedure. However, if you still want to avoid it, you may opt for dental veneers.