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receding gums

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The part of the tooth that you can normally see in the mouth is the crown of the tooth, while the root part of the tooth lies in bone covered by the gums. Gum loss or gum recession exposes the root of the tooth. This can cause sensitivity, cavity or decay in the root and make the tooth loose or shaky. 
What is gum recession? 
Most common causes for receding gums are related to your brushing habits. Aggressive brushing, use of a hard toothbrush, or horizontal brushing causes loss of the gums. At the same time, improper brushing and poor oral hygiene lead to gum disease which again causes gum recession. If you have gums receding in only one or two teeth, it is most likely because the teeth are not properly positioned along with the other teeth. 
Why are my gums receding? 
Most important is proper brushing technique. Use of a soft to medium toothbrush, with gentle circular strokes cleans the teeth and gums properly and prevents further gum recession. Minor surgical procedures can be done to cover the root already exposed by the loss of gums. 
What is the solution? 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

  1. If I don't have any sensitivity or any other problem with my receding gums, should I still get it treated? - If you do not have any symptom or cosmetic problem with your receding gums, you may choose to leave it untreated. However, you must see your dentist so that the cause of the gingival recession can be identified and corrected. Otherwise, continued loss of gums can cause loss of the tooth itself along with other problems. 
  2. I brush thrice daily. Why are my gums still receding? - Brushing twice daily is sufficient to keep your gums and teeth healthy if you practice a good brushing technique. Overzealous brushing - either in frequency or in force, abrades the tooth unnecessarily and causes loss of gums.  
  3. Why do I have receding gums on my lower front teeth only? - Tartar deposition is more common in the lower front teeth, which leads to gum disease and subsequently receding gums. These teeth are also frequently misaligned - another common reason for the loss of gums in this area. If you find receding gums only in the two centre lower front teeth, if may also be due to an abnormal frenum. A frenum is an attachment between the gums of your two lower teeth at the centre and your lower lip. You can feel it by running your tongue in the space between the gums of your lower front teeth and your lip.