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What treatments are done for baby (milk) teeth? 

Milk or baby teeth, like our permanent teeth, can also succumb to dental problems like cavities and root infections. In addition, there are problems of the transition from milk teeth to permanent teeth in children - milk teeth not coming out on time, not falling out on time or falling out too early. For a more detailed account of the problems of milk teeth, read here
 All such problems require treatments - mostly so that your child is free of any dental infections and his or her permanent teeth turn out well. So, cavities are filled, root infections are treated by root canal treatment (RCT), teeth not falling out need to be removed and teeth falling out early need space maintenance. 
retained milk teeth
baby teeth fallen out
​Milk teeth not falling on time need to be removed
Milk teeth removed before time need space management

Are milk teeth treated the same way as adult teeth?

The basic procedure of milk tooth treatments like cavity fillings and root canal treatment is similar to what is done for adult teeth, though the materials used are different. When treating baby teeth, we keep in mind that these teeth are smaller, that they will eventually fall off and that the child is more sensitive to pain than an adult patient. If a tooth is infected, it may be treated only till the level of infection rather than a complete root canal treatment. If it is likely to fall off soon when it needs a treatment, no treatment may be done for the dental problem or it may be removed rather than treated. 
 Also, if milk teeth do not fall out on time, they need to be removed, especially if they are blocking the way of their successors. If milk teeth donot provide sufficient space for the permanent teeth to erupt, they may be removed before time so that more elaborate treatments of braces and wires may be avoided later on. 
should baby milk teeth be treated

What are space maintainers?

When milk teeth fall out too early or have been removed before their permanent successor are ready to come out, they leave a space between the teeth. Adjacent teeth have a tendency to move into that space to close it. This creates a problem when the adult teeth have to come out, leading to crooked teeth , or not allowing them to come out at all. 
  Space maintainers are appliances used to maintain the space created by the early loss of teeth. There are many kinds of space maintainers that can be either fixed to other teeth, or may need to be removed on a daily basis. 
A quick "brush-up"
Milk tooth treatments - Cavity fillings, Root canal treatment (RCT), Space management
Done for 
Milk teeth problems - Cavities, Root infections, Problems in timing of eruption/ transition to adult teeth
Number of sittings
Usually multiple sittings as child cannot cooperate for long