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Milk teeth are also like permanent teeth, and they too can have cavities, root infection and gum problems. In addition, there is a sequence and age for the milk teeth to fall and be replaced by permanent teeth. Any change in this chronology, such as early loss of the milk teeth, milk teeth not falling, and loss of the milk tooth without permanent teeth coming are problems that need attention. 
What are the problems that happen with milk teeth? 
Cavities in milk teeth happen due to prolonged bottlefeeding or breastfeeding, use of sweetened pacifiers at night and not maintaining oral hygiene in children. These cavities, if unattended to, lead to root infections. Problems in the sequence and age of milk teeth falling and being replaced by permanent teeth are also common. This can be due to undernourished diets, soft diets, smaller jaws or genetic. 
Why do problems happen at such a small age in milk teeth? 
Fillings and root canals can be done in milk teeth as in adult teeth, only different materials are used. For a milk tooth that is badly decayed or infected and near to falling out, it is removed. For milk teeth that have been removed or fallen early, space maintainers are made to allow space for the adult teeth to come out. For milk teeth that are not falling out, they need to be removed. 
What is the solution? 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

  1. Why do milk teeth need treatment if they have to fall out anyway? - It must always be remembered that a problem in milk teeth can harm the adult teeth - be it root infection or disturbed chronology. A milk tooth also cannot be always removed if there is a problem, as the milk tooth naturally maintains the space for the adult tooth till the time it is ready to come out. If the milk tooth is removed before its time, the space will be lost by the time the adult tooth is ready to come out and either it will come out in the wrong place or not come out at all. 
  2. Do milk teeth also require crowns after root canal treatment (RCT)? - Usually they do. Crowns may also be needed if a badly broken down milk tooth has been built up. Most commonly these are stainless steel crowns.  
  3. How do I know if my child's milk teeth need any treatment? - A child cannot express his discomfort as well as adults can. Moreover, the transition from the milk teeth to permanent teeth, starting at about 6 years and going on till 12 years, can be a host to lot of problems. Therefore, regular dental check-ups are a must for children. Schedule the first dental visit for your child as early as 1 year.