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Chipping of the ceramic and dislodgement of the cap or crown are some of the more common problems encountered over time. Chipping of ceramic exposes the underlying dark metal in a porcelain-metal crown, or it may produce sharp edges. The cap may come out of the tooth altogether, and may carry with it a portion of the tooth. Completely broken ceramic crowns are rare nowadays. 
What are the problems that I can face with my old crown? 
A crown is usually made of two layers - the inner core layer (of metal or ceramic) for strength, and an outer layer of cosmetic ceramic. The crown chipped if the bonding between the two layers was not strong enough to withstand your biting force. The crown came out if the bonding between the inner layer of the crown and the tooth was not strong enough to withstand your biting force. 
Why has my old crown chipped/ come out? 
A chipped crown can be repaired with a filling material. This requires special adhesives without which the bond will be weak. Even after repairing in this way, the cosmetics of the filling material usually do not match the natural ceramic look. A dislodged cap can be prepared to be like a new cap, and recemented into place. If a part of the tooth also broke with the cap, the dentist will have to assess if the tooth can be saved. 
What is the solution? 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

  1. How long can I wait to get my old crown recemented? - The earlier you get it done the better. Within a couple of weeks, the gums and teeth will have moved a little, and the old crown may not fit in its place. 
  2. Is it better to continue with the old chipped crown or get a new one? - For a chipped cap in a back tooth, repairing it may be better as cosmetics are not the primary concern. Besides the cost of getting a new crown, the removal of a well fit cap carries the risk of fracture of the underlying tooth. For a front tooth and visible chipping, it may be better cosmetically to go in for a new one.  
  3. Is it better to recement the old crown or get a new one? - If a portion of the tooth came out with the crown, and the dentist feels the tooth is still worth saving, it is better to get a new cap done, made to fit the new tooth size and shape. With an intact tooth and an undamaged, well fitting old crown that has come out recently, you may choose to continue with the old crown on the advice and judgement of the dentist.