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What is buildup of broken teeth? 

Broken teeth do not always need to be removed. They can be restored to look and function like your normal teeth. 
before and after buildup of broken tooth
broken tooth repaired by rct and cap

How is it done?

A tooth that is chipped at the corner can be built up using cosmetic filling materials. It is a single sitting procedure and leaves your tooth looking like new. 
 For a slightly bigger fracture, the tooth can also be restored to normal by capping it or veneering it with a ceramic laminate. 
 For teeth broken at the root level, the procedure requires multiple steps and sittings.
1. Root Canal Treatment (RCT) is done to take support from the root for buildup of the broken tooth. 
2. A cap that takes support only from the root will eventually break the tooth further at the root. The support from the remaining crown of the tooth is obtained by removing some of the gums covering the crown. Now both the root and the crown are ready to support the buildup. 
3. A "post" is like a pillar that goes in the ground (the golden rod like structure in the picture above). The post goes into the root of the broken tooth, and its second part called "core" builds up the core structure of the tooth crown. 
4. A cap or artificial dental crown is then made to seat on the core precisely to restore normal looks and function. 
5. The cap is cemented or fixed onto the broken tooth. 
steps in buildup of broken tooth

What else should I know about Buildup of Broken Teeth? 

The "posts" that are used to buildup broken teeth can be made of metal, fiber glass or ceramic. The trend nowadays is more towards the use of fiber glass posts. They are more cosmetic is the tooth has to be capped with a cosmertic cermaic crown, and more scientifically advisable in most situations. 
 A tooth restored with a post and core stands the possibility of fracturing again in later life, in which case it usually becomes difficult to save. So does that mean you should opt to have the broken tooth removed and replaced by an artificial substitute like dental implant?  
 You should seek a specialist opinion in deciding to save or replace an extensively fractured tooth. The dental specialists to restore broken teeth are Prosthodontists and Endodontists. If the tooth can be restored by "post and core procedure" and the procedure is done properly at the hands of an expert, natural teeth should always be saved as long as possible. 
A quick "brush-up"
Buildup of Broken Teeth
Done for 
Chipped/ Broken/ Fractured teeth
Number of sittings
Single sitting for buildup of chipping, 2-3 sittings for crowns/ laminates, 4-5 sittings for teeth broken at or close to root
Pain/ Discomfort
Root Canal Treatment (RCT) removes the nerve of the tooth so there is no pain during the post and core procedures
A tooth restored by post and core can fracture if the post and core was not done properly
Requires anesthesia (numbing)
For RCT and removing gums from around the crown
Prosthodontist, Endodontist