broken denture
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Dentures are made of metal and acrylic. A sudden blow to the denture, like on falling on a hard surface, the acrylic portion of the denture can crack or fracture. 
What are broken dentures? 
Dentures can break by falling on a hard surface. Most commonly it happens when removing or putting them back or cleaning them in the sink. Dentures can also crack by biting on a hard item, for example, trying to crack open a nut with the dentures. 
Why did my dentures break? 
If the dentures have cracked or broken into two or more pieces cleanly, they can be repaired by the dentist. If they have shattered into many pieces, restoring the denture to its original is difficult. 
What is the solution? 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

  1. Can I try to glue the broken denture pieces together? - You should never try to glue the broken denture parts together. If that is done, your dentist will not be able to fix your denture correctly. Collect the broken denture pieces and take them to your dentist. 
  2. How will the dentist glue the broken denture pieces? - The broken denture is fixed using the same material with which the denture was made. This material, though weaker than your original denture, is the same chemically. 
  3. What precautions should I take to prevent my denture from breaking again? - Dentures are fragile and can fracture if dropped onto a hard surface. Therefore extreme care must be exercised to prevent accidental dropping of the denture. Never force your denture into position by biting down on it. Avoid using the dentures for tough or very hard foods. Always keep the container with the dentures in them covered when not in use. To clean the dentures, hold one side of the denture with the fingers (do not squeeze between fingers and palm) to clean the opposite side. Dentures should be brushed over a basin filled with water to prevent breakage should they be accidentally dropped.