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Bad breath or "halitosis" is a foul smell that comes from your mouth when you speak or open your mouth. It is especially worse in the morning, called morning breath. Bad breath leaves a bad impression with people, is bad for your social relations and creates low self-esteem. 
What is bad breath? 
There can be lots of reasons, including medical problems for your halitosis. However, 90% of all bad breath originates from the mouth itself, with gum disease being the most common cause. Certain kinds of foods like onion, garlic, meat, spicy curries, cauliflower, cabbage, coffee and dairy products are also associated with transient bad breath; as are smoking and alcohol. 
Why do I have bad breath? 
Bad breath can be treated by good oral hygiene and some dietary changes. Your diet should include more of raw fruits and vegetables and plenty of water. Try to keep your mouth moist at all times. Avoid smoking, alcohol and bad breath causing foods for atleast 2 weeks. Brush your teeth thoroughly twice daily, making sure to clean the back of the tongue gently every time you brush your teeth. Clean the surfaces in between the teeth using a dental floss or interdental toothbrush at least once daily. Rinse your mouth thoroughly after every meal. 
What is the solution? 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

  1. Do I need to see a dentist? - Get a dental check-up done so that any problem in the gums and teeth is attended to. Even if you start a strict oral hygiene regimen from today, you need professional cleaning for the deep pockets in your teeth from where bad breath comes. Your dentist will also be able to advise you if a medical check-up is required to rule out other causes of bad breath. 
  2. Do mints and chewing gums help? - Mints and sugarfree chewing gums help to stimulate more saliva to flow into your mouth, which fights off the bad breath. Chewing on natural products such as cloves (laung), aniseed or fennel (saunf), cinnamon (dalchini) and cardamom (elaichi) also helps freshen your breath.  
  3. Any particular toothpaste and mouthwash that I can use? - No particular toothpaste is as effective to treat your bad breath as your proper brushing technique. You may use any toothpaste that suits your taste and gives you the feeling of a fresh breath. Mouthwashes containing alcohol will worsen the bad breath problem. Mouthwashes containing zinc and chlorine dioxide have been shown to be particularly effective in bad breath, but they should be used only after consultation with a dentist.